Sell Your Trucks Melbourne has over the years grown to become Melbourne’s leading Truck Removal business. With a dedication to reliable service and honest Cash for Trucks offers that put top dollar in truck sellers’ pockets, it’s no surprise why countless Melbourne residents call Sell Your Trucks their go-to Truck Buyers team. We present a much-welcome alternative to the often hassle-filled process of disposing or sell your unwanted truck.

But what services do we offer which have made us the number 1 Cash for Trucks Melbourne business? Keep reading on to find out.

Instant Cash for Trucks in Any Condition

We pay Melbourne residents on-the-spot with Instant Cash for Trucks, whatever shape they’re currently in. Our policy of paying top dollar for trucks ‘as is’ means you can take a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll never have to spend time looking for a highly competitive truck buyer. Whether you’ve owned your truck for years and its not in the best shape, or it’s completely wrecked after an accident, you can get Top Cash for Trucks by Online Bank Payment or Cheque after one phone call.

We buy trucks for their auto parts and materials, which is why we pay top dollar for:

  • Old Trucks
  • Wrecked Trucks
  • Scrap Trucks
  • Junk Trucks
  • Unwanted Trucks
  • Registered/Unregistered Trucks
  • Broken Trucks
  • Damaged Trucks
  • Flood Damaged Trucks
  • Hail Damaged Trucks
  • Accident Trucks
  • Mechanical Fault Trucks

Free Truck Removals Melbourne Wide

If you live in Melbourne, you can receive a world class Truck Removals service at the drop of a hat. Our Licensed Truck Removal Experts and advanced tow trucks are stationed Melbourne wide, so we can be with you tomorrow, next week or as soon as possible – whenever you need us. Even if your truck is located in a tricky position, our team can handle its removal with the confidence that comes with years of experience. From residential properties, commercial properties to on-road and off-road – you can count on us for a dependable Truck Removal service done quickly and with confidence.


Instant Quotes for Your Convenience

The hassle of quotes is a thing of the past thanks to Sell Your Trucks Melbourne. We provide free car appraisals without needing to come and inspect your car in person first. In fact, our Instant Quotes are available over the phone or online and simply require that you give us some details about your unwanted truck such as its condition, make and model and the number of kilometres it has driven. Simply call us on the phone and you’ll have a highly competitive, no-obligation quote in no time.

Eco-Friendly Truck Wrecking & Truck Recycling

Would you like the peace of mind of disposing of your truck without contributing a harmful environmental imprint? Why not skip paying to have your truck towed to the landfill and instead have it collected free of charge and recycled with our eco-friendly Vehicle Recycling Facility. We break down vehicles for their auto parts and materials so that their parts are put to good use and not left to waste at a rubbish tip. Through recycling and repurposing auto parts, we also contribute to more environmentally sustainable vehicle production.

Free Paperwork to Make Selling Your Truck Hassle Free

Let’s face it, nobody likes having to go through mountains of paperwork – which is why we handle all the paperwork free of charge. You simply need to bring photo ID and proof of ownership as well as remove your registration plates. We’ll handle the rest.

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